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A comprehensive IPM program consists of three phases:



  • Helps operators understand the extent of their insect problems
  • Charts a course to address issues proactively instead of being reactive



  • Implement insect control tactics to reduce infestations on your property
  • Execute a multi-method approach to insect control



  • Follow up on program effectiveness
  • Checking and monitoring on a regular basis
  • Reviewing/adapting a program as needed

Step 1:


1. Inspect

Inspect operation and find areas with heaviest insect populations

2. Learn

Learn the most economical means for minimizing insect infestations and damage through various control measures

3. Set

Set a threshold where insect populations and environmental conditions dictate that action must be taken

4. Train

Train your employees on the best mix of tactics in the most important target areas for maximum control

Plan Your Program

Set out Starbar® traps inside and around your barns and other facilities to measure the amount of fly activity. This will help you understand the extent of the fly problem, know which target areas to address, and know how to determine the best mix of tactics for maximum fly control for your operation. Perfect for controlling flies on both small-and large-scale operations, Starbar® baits offer superior control of nuisance and disease spreading flies. Their bait matrices encourage flies to feed and can be used in rotation to discourage fly resistance.

Watch our video to learn more about IPM.

Watch Our Video to Learn More About IPM
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Family of Baits

Step 2:


To deliver the best results, use an all-encompassing approach to insect control that utilizes cultural, physical, biological, and chemical control efforts.

For example, to protect dairy operations from costly fly infestations, it is important to use a variety of fly traps, fly baits, and on-animal treatments to manage disease-spreading fly populations. Learn more in our checklist for implementing a fly control program!

Sanitation is Key

Maintain Farm Structures

Beneficial pests for your IPM

Feed-through fly control

Use feed-through fly control, such as ClariFly® Larvicide. Once ingested, it passes through the livestock and into the animal’s manure, where flies lay eggs. Here, the active ingredient interferes with the life cycle, preventing the adult flies from emerging from the manure by stopping them in the larval stage.

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Recommended Products for Feed-Through Fly Control
Break the Fly Life Cycle

Rotation of active ingredients

Control adult flies, cockroaches, fire ants, mosquitoes, etc. by incorporating a balanced mix of insect control modes of action throughout the operation, and ensure a rotation of active ingredients to prevent resistance.

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Sprays & Foggers



Use in Rotation

Step 3:


1. Track

Track fly population results by using speck cards and traps from Starbar.

2. Rotate

Rotate active ingredients to prevent resistance.

3. Document

Document the progress, making changes as necessary.

Track Your Results

After implementing your fly control products, monitor fly populations throughout the operation with the use of speck cards and a variety of traps. It is important to rotate active ingredients to prevent resistance. Document your progress with a concise record of locations, conditions, and actions taken.
Watch Our Video to Learn More About Bait Rotation

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Fly Control

That sets the bar at all levels

Insect control starts with Starbar® products. From fly traps, baits, and sprays, Starbar® products are formulated to help you achieve a higher level of fly control in, on, and around your operation.

No matter the size of your operation, there’s a convenient way to buy Starbar® products. Check out our Distributors and Retailers to learn where to buy our products.