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  • Altosid® IGR Small Pack 0.4%

    A feed through fly control product that prevents the breeding of horn flies in the manure of treated beef cattle.

  • ClariFly® Add-Pack Fly Control

    A Feed-through for calves that starts fly control on dairy cows early in life. It works in calf manure to stop larvae from developing into adults.

  • Extinguish® Plus

    A combination IGR and adulticide that controls fire ants in pastures and around farms by killing worker ants and sterilizing the queen.

  • Pre-Strike® Mosquito Torpedo®

    A larvicide that can be used in standing water to stop mosquitoes in rural areas before they become biting disease carrying adults.

  • Starbar Red-Vival™

    Starbar Red-Vival™ is a powerful poultry supplement made from a unique blend of amino acids that helps promote the health, production and livelihood of every class of poultry.