Make Chick Days a Success with Starbar Red-Vival™

Have you thought about raising chickens? Now is the perfect time to get started. Soon, local feed, farm and home stores will begin Chick Days, if they haven’t already. Chick Days are a prime opportunity to purchase baby chicks and learn from the experts on how to care for them. Typically running through June and sometimes longer into the summer, Chick Days represent a great opportunity for parents looking to introduce their children to raising chicks during summer vacation.

Successfully raising chicks requires a solid infrastructure. Chicks need a proper brooding setup to stay healthy and strong as they grow. The setup includes feeders, waterers, a chick starter station, bedding and heating units. Most stores sell these items during Chick Days, sometimes in a completed set. Stores will also set up workshops during Chick Days to give people a chance to learn first-hand how to feed and care for their chicks. Many stores also supply poultry keeping books with helpful information on raising poultry successfully.

One vital part of a chick’s health is making sure they have the right nutrients in their diet. And Starbar® Products has just the thing. Starbar Red-Vival™ supplement has a unique blend of amino acids, minerals and vitamins designed to promote the health, production and livelihood of chickens. It supports eggshell quality of chickens and can be used year-round for long-term health. Starbar Red-Vival™ supplement is easy to use and is fed to poultry daily by adding 4 ml of the product per gallon of water. Stir until it is fully dissolved, and you’re done. Use this product in poultry houses, chicken coops, farms, ranches and anywhere else poultry is housed.