The Convenient Way to Buy Insect Control

Work around livestock and on agricultural operations is hard enough without having to deal with irritating insects. That's why insect control starts with Starbar® traps, baits, and sprays. Over the years, the Starbar® lineup has grown to feature additional products that can do more to control insects that can affect your operation.

With products scientifically tailored to insect behavior at pinpoint locations, Starbar® products have delivered reliable results that have been trusted for more than 40 years. Whether it’s flies resting up high in a barn, fire ants foraging low on the ground, or mosquitoes flying around your operation, Starbar® products have a solution for every level to make your life easier. When you use Starbar® products, you set the bar for insect control.

To make it as convenient as possible for customers to access our products, Starbar® has an extensive distribution and retailer network. On our Where to Buy page, you can find a list of all our distributors and retailers to find the best buying option for you. At Starbar®, we want to make sure you have the right tools to buy the most comprehensive insect control in the market.

No matter the size of your operation, there’s a convenient way to buy Starbar® products.