Altosid® IGR Small Pack 0.4%

  • Approved for dairy and beef cattle on pasture
  • Prevents the breeding of horn flies in the manure of treated beef cattle
  • Flexibility to hand mix the product on-site and used for smaller herds
  • Offers the flexibility of continuing a feed-through practice until the first hard frost
  • Optimal package size to effectively treat 50 lbs. of loose mineral for cattle on pasture
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Sizes Available

Case Qty: 8
Active Ingredients:

  • 0.4% (S)-Methoprene

  • Horn Flies

  • Pasture

  • Mixed with free-choice-fed minerals
  • Mixed-ration feeding
  • The dosage of Altosid® IGR Small Pack 0.4% is proportional to body weight. The recommended consumption of this product is 0.2 oz (0.0125 lb.) to 0.4 oz (0.025 lb.) per 100 lb. of cattle body weight per month (30 days).