ClariFly® Add-Pack Fly Control

Help stop irritating, disease-spreading flies with the daily addition of ClariFly® Add-Pack Fly Control to your calves’ whole milk or milk replacer. ClariFly® Add-Pack Fly Control is a larvicide that works as a feed through, passing into calf manure where flies lay their eggs. It’s fly control that starts with your calves to benefit your whole operation. Use ClariFly® Add-Pack Fly Control in whole milk or milk replacer as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) program to help reduce fly populations in calf environments.



Able to control up to 95 flies with a single granule, Cyanarox™ Insecticidal Bait is the newest product to be added to the comprehensive Starbar lineup.

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For the most effective, consistent control of nuisance flies and other insects, implement a complete IPM program.
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