Keep your Cattle Happy and your Operation Thriving

Effective fly control plays a critical role in keeping cattle healthy and comfortable. Flies can irritate, bite and stress your cattle, which results in reduced weight gain that ultimately hurts your operation’s bottom line.

Inhibidor™ Insecticidal Pour-On is a ready-to-use pour-on that contains three active ingredients, including Diflubenzuron, Piperonyl Butoxide, and Lambda-cyhalothrin. With an insect growth regulator, adulticide, and synergist combination, Inhibidor™ Insecticidal Pour-On provides control of chewing and sucking lice and kills horn flies, horse flies, deer flies and stable flies on beef cattle and calves.


  • Active ingredients Diflubenzuron, Piperonyl Butoxide, and Lambda-cyhalothrin
  • Combination of insect growth regulator, adulticide, and synergist
  • 64 oz. treats 64 cattle (1,000 lbs. per animal)
  • 2.5 gallons treats 320 cattle (1,000 lbs. per animal)


  • Ready-to-use as a pour-on
  • Helps control chewing and sucking lice, and kills horn flies, horse flies, deer flies, and stable flies
  • May be used only for pour-on application to beef cattle and calves, indoors or outdoors
  • Perfect complement to a comprehensive IPM program
  • Allows cattle to maximize their grazing and keep them comfortable, while also protecting your bottom line

Apply Inhibidor™ Insecticidal Pour-On directly to cattle. Use this product as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) program to eliminate pests, which improves cow comfort and provides cattle the opportunity to graze more efficiently, thereby maximizing your operation.

As the only pour-on formulation with triple-action ingredients, Inhibidor™ Insecticidal Pour-On protects cattle from listed insect pests, allowing them to maximize their grazing.