Next Level Insect Control

With products scientifically tailored to insect behavior at pinpoint locations, Starbar® products have delivered reliable results that have been trusted for more than 40 years. Starbar® products provide versatile and easy-to-use products to control numerous species of insects that impact the health of cattle, swine, and poultry for operations of any size.


Starbar® products offer a complete line of fly bait solutions, including fly bait granules that can be scattered or used in a fly bait station. By using Starbar® baits and fly strips near the ground, you’ll set the bar for insect control to take advantage of fly foraging behavior.


Starbar® products offer a complete line of fly traps and attractants, including attractants designed to cater to specific fly species behavior. You can count on the precise design of each fly trap to provide effective control.


Starbar® insect sprays can be applied to various places in, on and around your operation. Application sites include pastures and yards, on animals, and in buildings and with a wide variety of solutions, these products help to fight a wide variety of insects.


Starbar® specialty products help protect livestock and workers against biting flies, fire ants, and mosquitoes all around your operation.

Learn more about our next level insect control from Starbar® products in our YouTube video!