Tips for Applying Fly Baits

An effective way to control flies on farms, operations, or in residential areas is to use fly baits in a strategic rotation to prevent fly bait resistance. With an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program in place, you can ensure success in fly bait application and better understand your fly control problems. To maximize your fly control efforts, we put together a few tips for applying fly baits:

Tip 1: How to apply fly baits

When applying fly baits such as QuikStrike® Fly Bait, Golden Malrin® Fly Bait, and Cyanarox® Insecticidal Bait you will want to scatter the granules directly from the container or hand spreader to the ground in the area where flies feed. Be sure to spread the bait evenly to avoid clumps or piles and keep outside the reach of animals and children.

For use around residential structures, commercial establishments food- and feed-handling establishments, food-processing plants, restaurants and animal-production facilities, use bait stations or alternative application methods. Be sure to place bait stations in areas inaccessible to food-producing animals, pets, and children.

Where to use fly baits:

  • Milking Parlors
  • Broiler Houses
  • Caged Layer Houses
  • Loafing Sheds
  • Swine Facilities
  • Feedlots
  • Outdoor Areas Around the Home

Tip 2: How to use a fly bait station

To use fly baits near animals, consider the Starbar® Fly Bait Station. This alternative to scatter baits can prevent your animals and pets from ingesting scattered bait. The Starbar® Bait Station has a built-in tray to catch dead flies, and it can be used with any of the three fly bait products.

Tip 3: Fly bait rotation

Rotate Starbar baits throughout the season to help prevent fly bait resistance. Consistent monitoring is crucial to long-term fly control. When a fly problem persists, previous treatment methods can be rotated more efficiently if thorough documentation was done for the site through an IPM Program.

Combat flies with Starbar professional fly control products. Learn more about rotation, products, and application on our new Baits page!