Inhibidor™ Insecticidal Pour-On End-User Rebate

Inhibidor™ Insecticidal Pour-On is approved to apply directly on cattle to control and kill chewing and sucking lice, horn flies, horse flies, stable flies, and deer flies. This product allows cattle to maximize their grazing and keep them comfortable, while also protecting your bottom line. Its formulation is the perfect complement to a comprehensive IPM program.

Just fill out the form below to get the ball rolling on your Inhibidor™ 2022 rebate. For every 64 ounces of Inhibidor™ purchased, participants will receive a $2 rebate. For every 2.5 gallons of Inhibidor™ purchased, participants will receive a $10.00 rebate. 

2022 Inhibidor™ Rebate valid on qualifying purchases made from September 1, 2022 to November 30, 2022

Must be submitted by December 16, 2022 to be eligible
One rebate submission per customer.
Allow 4-6 weeks for processing.
Questions? Call 800-248-7763.

Follow these 2 steps:

1. If you are new to the Inhibidor™ Rebate Program, please download and complete a W-9 form.
2. Get cash back by filling out the form below. Remember to attach copies of your invoices.