Fly Control That Goes Above and Beyond


Are nuisance flies causing trouble in hard-to-reach places around your operation? Look no further than Starbar® Aviator™ Fly Bait Aerosol, the innovative and convenient solution that takes fly control to new heights. With its easy-to-use spray, Aviator™ Fly Bait Aerosol targets areas like walls and surfaces, offering unparalleled control over house flies where traditional baits fall short.

Aviator™ Fly Bait Aerosol is designed to reach and help eliminate house flies in challenging spots, this versatile aerosol is perfect for deployment inside pig barns, chicken coops, poultry houses, horse stables, and cattle and dairy barns. As an invaluable addition to the Starbar® family, Aviator™ Fly Bait Aerosol introduces a new and effective tool for multi-level fly control, ensuring a clean and productive environment for your operation.

To maximize the efficacy of Aviator™ Fly Bait Aerosol, it is essential to follow the application instructions. Avoid applying to surfaces that may reach excessive temperatures, such as heaters, boilers, hot water pipes, lighting, motors, and machinery. Band/spot treatments can be made in narrow, out-of-reach areas, such as fence or support poles, door jambs, and ledges.

For residual control lasting up to 30 days, apply Aviator™ Fly Bait Aerosol to non-porous surfaces protected from rain and direct sunlight. This convenient 16 oz. can boasts two active ingredients, Acetamiprid, an adulticide, and Z-9 tricosene, a house fly attractant, helping to ensure the elimination of house flies, lesser house flies, fruit flies, dark-eyed fruit flies, and vinegar flies. Aviator™ Fly Bait Aerosol is odor-free, providing a discreet yet powerful solution for fly control.

For the most effective control of flies, use Aviator™ Fly Bait Aerosol as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that also features traps, sprays and best sanitation practices.