Spray Flies Away

An easy and effective way to control flies is to use fly sprays in, on and around your operation. Utilizing fly sprays along with an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program will help keep harmful flies – and other insects – off your property and away from your livestock. Here are some helpful tips to optimize control with Starbar fly sprays:

Tip 1: Spray directly onto animals

Do you have pests on your livestock? Starbar® has an array of products you can apply directly to cattle, sheep, poultry and more. Try out products such as Cattle Armor™ 1% Synergized Pour On and Prolate/Lintox-HD™ Insecticidal Spray and Backrubber for Livestock to start controlling harmful pests directly on your animals.

These and other products are great to use on a number of livestock and treat for more than just flies. Control lice, sarcoptic mites, ticks and mosquitos too.

Tip 2: Maximize efforts with multiple products

To ensure your property is protected, try out more than one product at a time around your operation. Starbar® UL-100EC Insecticidal Spray can be sprayed indoors and outdoors and is easily dilutable with water or mineral oil. This is great for indoor spaces that are prone to flies or other listed pests. For effective outdoor control, use Lambda 9.7 CS which uses advanced protection technology to avoid breakdown from heat and UV exposure. This product will be long lasting and reduce the number of retreatments needed.

Using products in tandem with one another will provide maximum protection across all levels and areas of your operation.

Tip 3: Get ahead of insects with an IPM program

Make fly sprays a key part of your IPM program. Once you’ve identified the extent of the insect problem through use of traps, you can spray those areas with the right product from Starbar’s line to keep flies away from your operation for good.

Learn more about the best fly sprays for your property with our sprays brochure and start controlling flies now!