How DuraStrike® and Exhalt™ Offer Tailored Solutions for Producers

In a recent discussion with Kyle Vincent, Regional Sales Manager at Starbar®, we delved into the innovative world of fly control, focusing on some of the latest additions to the Starbar® lineup – DuraStrike® Fly Scatter Bait and Exhalt™ WDG Insect Growth Regulator.

DuraStrike® Fly Scatter Bait: Revolutionizing Fly Bait

DuraStrike® Fly Scatter Bait is one of the newest additions to Starbar's fly scatter bait arsenal and takes the spotlight as a class 22-A insecticide. Kyle Vincent emphasizes its distinct chemistry, introducing a fourth active ingredient to the Starbar® scatter bait lineup. This unique formulation targets multiple fly species, enticing them to feed on the bait, contributing to effective fly control of multiple fly species.

DuraStrike® Fly Scatter Bait offers a variable application rate to better match the fly population scenarios. Whether you're facing an intense fly infestation or maintaining control, DuraStrike® Fly Scatter Bait proves to be an economical and efficient choice for any fly infestation scenario.

The dry application method of DuraStrike® Fly Scatter Bait, allows for flexible ground scatter applications and can be effective in bait stations as well as paint-on if needing to keep out of reach of livestock, pets and children. Kyle Vincent highlights its applicability in various locations, such as layer houses, pits, swine barns, floors, walkways, and alleyways, making it a versatile solution for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.

Exhalt™ WDG Insect Growth Regulator: Targeting the Immature Population

Exhalt™ WDG Insect Growth Regulator is a water-dispersible granule designed to combat the immature population of flies. Unlike adulticides, Exhalt™ WDG Insect Growth Regulator focuses on disrupting the immature life cycles, offering a preventative component for a comprehensive IPM program.

Exhalt™ WDG Insect Growth Regulator has application which allows for dry granular application and mixing with water for liquid spray applications and even tank mixing ability with many adulticide products, allowing producers to treat for both immatures and adults with one spray application. Producers can effectively control the immature population by strategically applying Exhalt™ WDG Insect Growth Regulator to larval development site, preventing adult fly emergence.

Producer-Focused Solutions

Kyle Vincent emphasizes that both DuraStrike® Fly Scatter Bait and Exhalt™ WDG Insect Growth Regulator cater to producers' preferences. DuraStrike® Fly Scatter Baits' adaptable application rate and approved uses make it a go-to choice for anyone, while Exhalt™ WDG Insect Growth Regulator offers dual application methods and compatibility with adulticides to offer flexibility in different scenarios.

With DuraStrike® Fly Scatter Bait and Exhalt™ WDG Insect Growth Regulator in your tool kit, you gain versatile and effective solutions to combat adult and immature fly populations. As Starbar® grows its product line, producers can trust in the brand's dedication to advancing insect control techniques.

For a firsthand look and expert advice on integrating DuraStrike® Fly Scatter Bait and Exhalt™ WDG Insect Growth Regulator into your fly control program, visit the Central Life Sciences booth at upcoming events or connect with a Starbar® representative.