• Aviator™ Fly Bait Aerosol

    Aviator™ Fly Bait Aerosol delivers quick and effective fly control. With a simple spray, it targets hard-to-reach places, where traditional baits can’t reach.

  • Bite Free™ Stable Fly Trap

    A shimmering sticky trap that is ideal bitting fly control for horse stables, cattle feed lots, dairies, swine operations and poultry operations.

  • Captivator® Fly Trap

    A high-quality jug trap with a water soluble attractant that provides simple fly control in barns and areas where fly populations are high.

  • Cattle Armor™ 1% Synergized Pour On

    An on cattle pour-on to control flies and lice on cows. It can be applied as a spray mist or back rubber on pasture, in the feed lot.

  • ClariFly® Add-Pack Fly Control

    A Feed-through for calves that starts fly control on dairy cows early in life. It works in calf manure to stop larvae from developing into adults.

  • ClariFly® Larvicide Top-Dress Fly Control

    A feed through fly control product that helps prevent the emergence of adult house flies, stable flies, face flies, and horn flies from manure of treated beef and dairy cattle, breeding stock, and show animals.

  • Cyanarox® Insecticidal Bait

    This ready-to-use granular bait can be trusted to control cockroaches and nuisance flies in, on and around farms, barns and animal housing facilities.

  • DuraStrike® Fly Bait

    With the active ingredient, Indoxacarb, DuraStrike® Fly Scatter Bait provides control of house and fruit flies and kills blow flies indoors.